Mozart Rondo in A minor K511 (Piano)

Mozart Rondo in A minor K511 (Piano)

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The years 1786 and 1787 belonged to a happy period in Mozart's creative life. His journey to Prague with the acclaimed performances of Figaro was a complete success, as was the première of his Prague Symphony there. During this period he did not compose a single sonata, but instead several smaller works, including the Rondos K. 485, 494 and 511. The Rondo in a minor K. 511 was presumably performed in public by Mozart himself in his Viennese concerts; today it is one of his best loved and most frequently played works for piano. Our single edition uses the musical text from the revised Edition Piano Pieces (HN 22).

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Catalog: 51480054
Publisher: HENLE
Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Moz
Pages: 20

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