Satie Sonatine Bureaucratique Piano

Satie Sonatine Bureaucratique Piano

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Although Satie took the classical form as a model for his Sonatine, it is quintessentially an ironic work. The composer, who later in life liked to be seen walking through the streets wearing a stiff collar and bowler hat, included lines of text between the staves that describe the day of a typical Parisian bureaucrat. The bureaucrat sits in a chair with green silk sleeve guards and dreams of being promoted. Next door a piano is playing Clementi ... and at this point parodied echoes of Clementi's popular Sonatine op. 36/1 can actually be heard. Ulrich Krämer provides knowledgeable background information in the preface to our edition that will enable a better understanding of Satie's work.

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Catalog: 51481075
Publisher: HENLE
Composer: Erik Satie
Voicing: Piano
Pages: 16

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