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Burgmüller-Schaum, Book Two (Op. 109) [Piano]

Burgmüller-Schaum, Book Two (Op. 109) [Piano]

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Johann Friedrich Burgmuller (1806-1874) published several albums of piano studies that have become standard works. This collection consists entirely of 18 Studies, Op. 109. Mr. Schaum has renamed some of the exercises with appealing titles and purposely abridged some of the exercises thereby avoiding stiffness and tension. Using the Burgmuller-Schaum exercises will improve piano technic when used in conjunction with a program of balanced piano repertoire. Also available: Bach-Schaum * Chopin-Schaum * Czerny-Schaum * Hanon-Schaum * Mozart-Schaum.

Table of Contents:

Catalog: 00-EL00325A
Publisher: ALFRED
Composer: Johann Friedrich Bur
Arranger: John W. Schaum
Pages: 40

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