Greatest Pop Hits of 2004-2005 [Flute]

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Thirty-four hits from the top artists of 2004-2005. The arrangements are completely compatible with each other and can be played together or as solos. Each book contains a carefully edited part that is appropriate for the Level 2-3 player. The arrangements in the Violin book, however, are not compatible with those in the wind instrument books due to level considerations regarding keys and instrument ranges. Titles include: Believe * Breakaway * Breathe * Come Clean * Dreams * 8th World Wonder * Hole in the World * I Decide * I Don't Want to Be * Invisible * Leaving New York * Light in Your Eyes * Older Than My Years * One Thing * Peace (Where the Heart Is) * Pieces of Me * The Reason * Rescue * Sand in My Shoes * So Far Away * Take My Breath Away * Trip Around the Sun * Why Can't I * You and I * You Raise Me Up and many more.

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Catalog: 00-IFM0501
Publisher: ALFRED
Pages: 64

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