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Check Out The Casio GP-400 Celviano Grand Hybrid

The Casio GP-400 Celviano Grand Hybrid is a completely new approach built on traditional concepts. With its all new Natural Grand Hammer Action and full length wooden concert grand piano keys, the Grand Hybrid delivers exactly the feel and response every pianist wants.

Partnering with C. Bechstein Pianos, The Celviano Grand Hybrid pianos are all digital, but are built like an acoustic. Each key stroke sends a weighted hammer along the same mechanism as an acoustic grand piano. Building on the hammer strokes, there are sampled simulations of three legendary grand pianos complete with mechanical sounds and multiple types of modeled resonance. This paired with the 6-speaker sound system produces an incredibly natural sound that takes up a fraction of the space and will never go out of tune.

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The only way to fully understand the scope of this piano is try it for yourself. Come into either our Yakima or Richland locations and give the GP-400 a test drive. Now through the end of February when you do, you will be entered to win a Casio PX160BK digital piano.

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The Celviano GP-400 Grand Hybrid

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