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Educational Services from Ted Brown Music

Are you renting a band or orchestra instrument from Ted Brown Music, but your school is far from the nearest store? Save the time, gas, and stress, and let our educational services representatives help you! Our reps can return or exchange your rental instrument, deliver and pickup an instrument for repair, provide necessary accessories (like reeds, valve oil, or books), and answer any questions about the use and maintenance of the instrument.

Ted Brown Music’s Educational Services has become a fixture at many schools across the state. If you see the TED BROWN MUSIC banner at your school, we’re there to offer great service on your rental instrument and help bring the joy of music to every student’s life. It’s our passion!

Western Washington

Jan Showalter

Jan Showalter - Educational Services

Jake Casberg

Jake Casberg - Educational Services

Amy D

Amy D - Educational Services

Pat Van Haren

Pat Van Haren - Educational Services

Isaac Gartung

Isaac Gartung - Educational Services

Erin Happenny

Erin Happenny - Educational Services

Loren Brown

Loren Brown - Educational Services

Eastern Washington

David Hanes

David Hanes - Educational Services

Austin Carl

Austin Carl - Educational Services

Andrew Samuelson

Andrew Samuelson - Educational Services