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Rachel Sampson


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About Me

Rachel has been teaching since 1994, beginning her musical journey at the age of 7 with formal piano lessons. This journey has included experiences in flute, french horn, percussion and voice. After graduating from Kamiakin High School, Rachel attended Wartburg College in Waverly, IA where she studied Music Therapy and Music Education with emphasis in piano and voice. Teaching in Washington, Iowa, Michigan and Indiana, she has always maintained a small group of students wherever her journeys have taken her. In 2007, Rachel pursued her dream and opened a music education center in Indiana. After closing the center in 2009, she continued to teach until 2012, when she returned to the Tri-Cities.

Having a variety of musical experiences throughout the years, Rachel is passionate about encouraging her students to experience music in as many ways as possible. Her greatest passion is the beginner student, including young beginners and students with special needs. Focusing on the importance of a solid foundation and a place to explore what music has to offer, Rachel believes that the beginning of a student’s musical journey, no matter the age, must be a positive experience.