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Burke Earhart

Guitar, Ukulele

Monday through Thursday

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About Me

Burke Earhart began playing guitar 36 years ago at the age of 10 when he received his first guitar. His first introduction to guitar was Van Halen and he knew he wanted to be a guitar player when he grew up. In his teens, Burke played in various top-forty bands and toured the Northwest. In 1984 he discovered his passion for classical guitar when his mom gave him a Julian Bream record.Burke taught himself to sight read with Fredrick Noad’s Solo Guitar Playing book and began playing Giuliani, Sor, and Bach to learn and understand the classical guitar technique. He also admired Randy Rhoads, who was a devoted student of classical guitar, and like Rhoads, began combining his classical music influences with his own heavy metal style of playing. In 1989 Burke studied at the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood, California and had the opportunity to take a private lesson from Fredrick Noad.

Burke spent many years driving truck with his guitar as a constant companion, but in the last five years he has devoted his career to his true calling as a musician and teacher. He is attending Columbia Basin College and pursuing a degree in Instrumental Music and Theory. He continues to refine his classical expertise by taking lessons from Michael LeFevre and is a member of the Tri-Cities Classical Guitar Society. In 2013 Burke was selected by the Seattle Classical Guitar Society to participate in a Master Class with Andrew York. In addition to private lessons, Burke is teaching guitar and ukulele through the Kennewick Community Center education program. He enjoys teaching students of all ages, beginner to advanced, and all genres of music. His passion for music is evident in his instruction and he finds many rewards in helping others discover their musical talents.