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Steve Escoffery

Composition, Theory, Piano

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About Me

I began music studies at age three – and I played in school music programs from Montessori through high school.

I received a B.A. in Music Composition in 2002; and I've been teaching privately (piano, theory, and composition) since 2005. Beginning in 2012, I've taken 23 graduate-level music credits at University of Washington (and three credits at University of Victoria, in Victoria, BC).

I try to make lessons fun and rewarding (parents of my kid students often thank me for my patience :) – while trying to teach all of the elements of "musical literacy."

My goal with lessons is to help people eventually become independent musicians – so they can pick up a new piece of music, analyze and understand the material, and know the steps to practice the music in order to play it well – with both a theoretical knowledge of the material, and technical excellence in their playing.