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In the late 60’s I began studying classical guitar to relieve the stress of preparing for a Masters in Psychology. Soon my passion for the guitar overrode my interest in Psychology and I began devoting all of my time to advancing my ability and knowledge of the guitar and music. As my proficiency increased through schooling at Olympic and Tacoma Community Colleges, I started teaching guitar in all styles from rock to jazz. Since the early 70’s, I have taught guitar at Ted Brown Music while continuing my personal education in various playing styles.

My students have found great success through my tailoring each lesson to a student’s interests, whether it be casual or a serious pursuit in performance. The results of this approach has prepared students for successful application and admission in advanced schools of performance such as Tacoma’s SOTA, Boston’s Berkley School of Music, L.A.’s Guitar Institute of Technology, and the Universities of Washington, Western Washington, Gonzaga, and Central Washington. A number of students are now earning their living as professional musicians.

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