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Kathye Long has taught hundreds of people private guitar lessons over the past 25 years. She believes that music can become a life-long passion for anyone and that studying the guitar is a perfect way to begin that appreciation.

She introduces the beginning student to chords and teaches the art of back-up rhythm. Simultaneously, note reading is studied so that lead and melody playing is begun. Next, enough theory is thrown in to provide the context for each thing that is learned. For veteran players whose progress has stalled, she troubleshoots their understanding and skills to get them back on their musical journey. She has written two instruction books: Guitar Lessons Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

Kathye has recorded three CDs: Stone Soup and Check Please, which both contain original songs; and Elegant Guitar, which is a compilation of classical instrumental solos. You can listen to song samples from each of the CDs, and view her performance schedule by visiting www.kathyelong.com.

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