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Private lessons with Matt Grey

Matt Grey’s goal as a teacher is NOT ONLY to create great musicians, but also to create empowered, creative, individuals who have the skills to succeed in whatever they choose to pursue. In addition to developing a high level of proficiency on their instrument, students who study with Matt can expect to gain a practical understanding of how the brain learns. They will be taught a variety of learning and practicing strategies that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Matt’s students will also learn to appreciate music as more than just entertainment, but as a way of life and as an inspirational force to drive them forward.

Matt holds a Masters degree and a Bachelors degree in Trombone Performance from Boston University and Central Washington University respectively. He has performed with numerous organizations throughout the State of Washington and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts performing orchestral, chamber, jazz, Dixieland, opera, musical theater, and experimental music. Matt believes that the arts are for EVERYONE! He has seen first hand the transformative power of music and wants to share it with anyone who will listen.

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