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Private lessons with Colby Ostheimer

Colby Ostheimer is a multi-instrumentalist and career musician of over a decade. Born and raised in a mountain valley of Montana, Colby took to music at a young age. Surrounded by instruments, old records and cassette tapes, and siblings and parents who each played an instrument of their own, Colby was quick to decide that a life of music was the life for him.

After earning his Bachelor's Degree in Music Education in 2017, he moved to Bremerton, WA where he spent five years teaching in public schools. He has taught high school wind band, jazz band, middle school bands, orchestra, and choir, high school guitar, and elementary music.

The first instrument Colby learned to play was his mom’s alto saxophone, which he picked up in the third grade. Somewhere in the same year his uncle brought Colby’s brothers their first drum set. Colby would spend the next half-decade sneaking into the basement music room to play on the drumset while his brothers were away and to strum along on any of the dozens of guitars and basses that his dad had stored in the closet. In high school, Colby started learning how to play trombone and eventually decided to go to college to study music education. A requirement of the degree was to learn to play every instrument. More of a perk than a requirement to Colby.

His first year of college he switched his main instrument from saxophone to tuba and throughout the next four years would devote his time to studying the tuba and the rest of the low brass family by playing in the university concert band, several jazz combos on trombone and bass guitar, and the University of Montana Tuba and Euphonium Choir. His studies would also have him learning the remaining wind and orchestral instruments, as well as piano, which Colby often refers to as the ‘calculator of western music’.

To supplement his income in college, Colby joined a gigging band as their drummer and played several nights a week for five years. He started singing background and harmony vocals from behind the kit, and eventually took on a set of lead vocals while drumming. As a guitar and bass player Colby has been hired for studio work by over a dozen artists, and has performed live hundreds of times. Colby’s played venues as small as tiny pool halls and as large as state fairs and summer festivals. It doesn’t matter much to him, so long as he is playing music.

When Colby isn’t studying, or practicing any number of his growing collection of instruments, or gigging late nights across the North West, he is teaching private lessons. For Colby, music is as fun to teach as it is to play, and all of Colby’s students seem to take to their instruments quickly and with a passion. Colby believes that music is something that all people can participate in, and he prides himself of being able to identify in each of his students the ways in which they can be successful with their instrument.

Colby teaches more than instrumental proficiency. He teaches creativity, artful playing, musicianship, and most importantly, how to play with others. Music is more than a skill, it is a lifestyle!

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