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Private lessons with Nic Garcia

Nicanor (Nic) Garcia has been playing guitar for longer than he cares to remember, though if pressed for a year count, he would likely tell you he has been playing for "about 20 years." Nic has had works appear in Ball Of Wax Audio Quarterly and organizes Kitsap based group improvisation sessions with vaccinated improvisors. he has spent a decade working with Kitsap County youth in, inpatient and outpatient clinical settings while consistently using guitar and instruction as a therapeutic modality. Nic has traveled extensively, developing a personalized approach to the guitar that is strongly influenced by the styles and tunings of foreign cultures. As a young man he worked as personal assistant to Brussels based conceptual artist Michel Francois during his exhibition in San Antonio, Texas. Nic was later selected to participate in Oliver Herring's Seattle based "Task" - Nic politely requests that students be vaccinated at this time.

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