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We Won One!


On in Nashville Tennessee at the Summer NAMM Show we where nominated for both the Peoples Choice award and the Best Marketing and Promotion award. For Peoples Choice we were in the top three of all 100 dealers, but we came home with the hardware for Best Marketing and Promotion, and we couldn’t have done either one without you. The things we promote are often services for all of you, and if you don’t buy into what we believe to be important, none of us win.

Thankfully, that is not the case. Of the top 100 international music stores we’ve been chosen this year as one of the best, and we couldn’t have done it without all of you, so thank you! Here are a few pictures form the event.

Watch The Whole Show

The promotions we submitted this year had to do with our lessons program and our interactive holiday gift guide. We strongly believe that making more musicians should be the primary goal of our industry. How many of you got your start Christmas morning?

Just because you may never have gotten that guitar for Christmas doesn’t mean it’s too late. Private lessons are an important aspect of every musicians life, so if you’ve always wanted to learn to play, now is the time. Find out more about lessons here, and let us know about your first instrument and where your musical journey has taken you in the comments below.

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