Ted Brown Music's Instrument Maintenance Guide

Welcome to Ted Brown Music, your one-stop-shop for all things band and orchestra. Not only do we rent and sell instruments, we also sell the tools and supplies you need to take care of them. Proper instrument maintenance is important; it lengthens the over-all lifespan and makes day to day playing easier and more enjoyable.

To help with general maintenance, Ted Brown Music has put together instrument specific care kits for both band instruments and orchestra instruments. We’ve also created unique how-to videos featuring some of our specialized instrument repair technicians who will walk you through exactly what to do with each item included in your instrument’s care kit.

Keep Your Instrument in Peak Condition

Select your instrument from the list below to see the video and get all the tip you need to keep your instrument in top playing condition.

Quick Tips for Flute


Wipe off the tenon

If your joints are tough to assemble, wipe down the tenons.

Wipe off the outside of the instrument with a silver polish cloth

Flutes are graceful instruments. They like to be shiny.

Dry the inside of the instrument with a swab every time you finish playing

The pads will build up mineral deposits, causing them to stick and wear faster than normal.


Clean around all keys and rods with a key brush

Get in there and clean that gunk you missed during your daily wiping.

Use pad paper on sticky keys

Keys sticking? Just hold a sheet of pad paper between the pad for 10 seconds. Then pull the paper out while applying slight pressure to the key. Repeat as needed.

We hope you’ve found some helpful tips in these videos. If you need further assistance, please reach out to any of our locations. We’re always happy to help because your music is our passion!