Ted Brown Music Educational Services

Ted Brown Music Educational Services

Ted Brown Music is an integral part of music education in Washington State. Since 1970, we have been active in classrooms daily, providing help and support to music teachers and students alike. Our dedicated Educational Service Reps travel all over Washington State bringing instruments and supplies as well as their personal musical expertise to both rural communities and big city schools.

Ted Brown Music Ed Reps are regularly in attendance at marching competitions and other music festivals throughout the school year, providing support to the students and, in many cases, free on-site repairs to keep the show going.

Why your school should partner with Ted Brown Music

Ted Brown Music Educational Service Reps are much more than delivery drivers. For the schools we partner with, our ed reps are invaluable service providers. Not only does Ted Brown Music provide free music folders and recruitment tools, our reps are actively involved in the recruitment process. They also provide students the opportunity to test out different instruments to help them decide which one they would like to play.

When it comes to summer repairs, we’ve got you covered. At the end of the school year, Ted Brown Music provides free estimates for school instruments either at your school or after our ed reps have picked them up. Once all the approved repairs have been finished, the instruments are delivered back to your school.

Fall is a stressful time for everyone, but our ed reps help make the new school year as smooth as possible. All those new band and orchestra students need instruments of their own, so we bring them to your school for a rental meeting. We provide promotional material and letters to parents as well as a special page on our website unique to your school which lists the instruments and accessories you want students to have to make sure your new students get everything they need as quickly as possible.

These rental meetings are what allow us to provide all these and many other services at no charge to your schools. Let our ed reps show you, your students, and your administration the value of service!

Ready to become a Ted Brown Music school partner?

Meet the Ed Reps

Repair Tech

Garrison Grisaffi

Office Phone: (253) 272-3211

Cell Phone:

Email: [email protected]

Garrison Grisaffi is a Ted Brown Music Educational Services Manager.

The great grandson of Ted Brown, Garrison Grisaffi grew up in the music retail industry. He received a bachelor's degree in business management from Idaho State University, where he was also a pole vaulter on the track team. To understand the company from top to bottom, Garrison has filled a variety of roles with Ted Brown Music, from salesperson, to store manager, and now as Manager for our educational services department. Along the way, he has developed a deep understanding for the needs of all types of musicians and musical organizations. As a musician, Garrison's main instrument is guitar, and he's no stranger to the piano and drums.