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Fiddle Fair 2021

Ted Brown Music Presents Bandageddon

Are you ready to step up to a new orchestra instrument? We’re here to help! You’ll find the best prices and the best selection of string instruments during this year's Fiddle Fair event happening th at Ted Brown Music!

Special products and pricing will be available through , but for the best experience and selection, schedule a one-on-one appointment for the in our Tacoma location.

What's In Store

The wide selection of instruments at Fiddle Fair.
  • Test-drive rare and unique instruments
  • Save big with event-only prices

Set Up An Appointment

Need some help stepping up to a new orchestra instrument? We're here to work with you.

Set up a Fiddle Fair appointment with one of our orchestra instrument specialists today! Find the right instrument for your budget, learn about payment and financing options, and more. Times range from 10am to 4pm on November 18th.

More Questions? Give is a call at (253) 272-3211.