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We are excited to once again be joining Keep Music Alive’s annual Kid’s Music Day. Both Ted Brown Music and Keep Music Alive believe music education is an essential part of a childs education, and it doesn’t start with 5th grade band or orchestra.

Kids as young as six months can recognize the difference between music and speech, and once they’ve developed the fine motor skills to grab and touch, very often they will repeatedly press the button on the toy that starts the music. Kids Music Day is about celebrating the inherent desire to create through sound engrained in all of us at birth.

All six Ted Brown Music locations will have musical activities geared toward children all day on . We’ll have coloring books to hand out and instruments available for kids to play. Each location will also have two guided musical activities, one at , and the second at . Please contact your closest Ted Brown Music store for specifics on these activities.

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We hope you will join us in showing the next generation how much fun making music can be!