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Pro Audio for the Masses

Pro Audio for the Masses clinic and product demo

Gone are the days of needing expensive equipment and reservations at a studio to make videos and record music. For the price of a mid-level cell phone anyone can become internet famous, but we’ve all skipped videos the don’t quite sound right. It’s true the price of admittance into the world of pro audio is almost zero dollars and that is great, but there is still a learning curve when it comes to getting the results you’re after.

John Schauer, a Technical Sales Specialist for Yamaha’s Pro Audio devision will be at Ted Brown Music in Yakima Wednesday January 25th, 2023 at 5:00pm to talk all things pro audio. This clinic will be full of advice for any audio application. DJ’s, podcasters, church sound folks, home recording people are all encouraged to attend.

John’s clinics and product demonstrations are know for taking complex theories and hard-to-understand topics and breaking them down easy to follow terms. No matter your skill level you’ll pick up something new to take your sound to the next level.

What's In Store

This clinic will be loaded with information, but there will be plenty of time for your questions as well. A few highlights include:

  • Tips and tricks to sound like a pro
  • Complex and technical concepts simplified
  • See how Yamaha can makes audio easier

Win A Free Mixer

Clinic Giveaway - Yamaha MG12X-CV Mixer

The information John has to share will be more than worth your time, but everyone knows no clinic is complete without a giveaway. Come join us for a great seminar and you could be taking home a Yamaha MG12X-CV 12 channel mixer!