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Private lessons with Joel Holloway

Private Lessons Teacher

Joel has been playing music and taking formal lessons from various teachers since he was 3 years old. After piano, he was quick to tackle the bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar, ukulele, and any other instruments he could get his hands on. He has a passion for music and for studying an instrument. He joined his first band when he was 14 years old and played with several different bands over the next 11 years. He has since found a great deal of joy teaching others, and helping them achieve their musical dreams.

Joel loves working with beginners and he tries to tailor his lessons to his students. He is very easygoing and stresses that all of this is for fun and the student's enjoyment. The skills he focuses on are proper technique, tablature, chords, strumming, song writing, and rhythm. He commonly uses Ernie Ball Guitar Method books 1 and 2 in his course curriculum. All styles are welcome.

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