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Private lessons with Thene Aldergreen

Private Lessons Teacher

Thene has over 20 years of drumming experience as a dedicated and passionate music educator and live performer. His classroom is a place of inspiration, where students are encouraged to explore their musical abilities and express themselves through the universal language of music. As an instructor he provides a tailored approach to a comprehensive musical education that can include rudiments, reading sheet music, ensemble playing, rhythmic skills, music history and appreciation, instrument maintenance, performance skills, and music composition.

His current list of professional band affiliations includes The Salmonberries, The James Coates Band, and Walker Sherman & The Heresy, with whom he has performed at venues such as The Triple Door, The Crocodile, McMenamin's Spanish Ballroom, and at many local fairs and festivals. Additionally, he has served extensively over the years as a regular player for churches such as Believers Fellowship, New Community, Brooklake, Life Center Rainier and Tacoma, and Urban Grace.

Thene's commitment to fostering a sense of community through music has had a profound impact on those he's come in contact with, as he has sought to leave an enduring legacy of hard work, passion, and understanding of the transformative power of music in the hearts and lives of his students.

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