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Private lessons with Joe Keefe

Private Lessons Teacher

Joe Keefe began playing guitar, writing songs, and performing at Richland High. Prior to graduating from Western Washington University, he formed 2 performing groups. One recorded a song with radio play; the other performed concerts and were featured in a television program show-casing their original tunes. After college he continued writing and recording secular, religious, and comedy songs singing with his wife at various venues throughout the state.

Joe’s compositions include a jingle used in advertising the Benton Franklin County Fair, two religious songs recorded by other artists, and thirteen comedy songs played on Dr. Demento’s international radio show. Three were included in Dr. Demento’s “basement tapes” given to fan club members. Joe was featured in a segment of a Portland, Oregon news program.

Left handed, Joe first played a regular tuned guitar upside down. Teaching required learning to play right handed. He can now play right handed or flip the instrument over and play left handed. Joe teaches acoustic and electric guitar, bass, mandolin, and banjo at Ted Brown Music in Richland, Washington. Thirty years of experience teaching all ages, beginning or advanced has been rewarding. Some students were accepted at Cornish School of Music, others are in bands that are nationally recognized, and some just enjoy playing for themselves and family. Joe loves his job and never plans on retiring.

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