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Private lessons with Chelsea Natseway

Private Lessons Teacher

Chelsea is a graduate of Northern Arizona University with a degree in Music Education. She has over 20 years of trombone experience and is well-versed in teaching brass methods.

Born into a military music family, she grew up experiencing diverse cultures and musical traditions while living around the world. This exposure has enriched her understanding of music's universality and the power it holds to connect people from different backgrounds.

As an educator, Chelsea has imparted her musical expertise to a wide range of students, both children and adults. Her teaching style is marked by patience, encouragement, and a deep commitment to fostering a lifelong appreciation for music in her pupils.

When she is not practicing, you would find her participating in an array of creative outlets. Including, the fine motor precision of miniature painting, the immersive world of Dungeons and Dragons, and the intricate art of crochet.

Beyond her role as an educator, Chelsea is an active performer in the music community. She participates in various musical ensembles, including community theaters, choirs, orchestras, wind symphonies, and jazz bands. Her versatile skills allow her to excel in different genres and contribute to the rich musical landscape of her community.

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