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Private lessons with Daniel Gray

Private Lessons Teacher

Daniel prioritizes live performance and practical music theory for guitar. You can see sample performances on his Youtube channel StrayeusGuitar. He has 16 years experience playing guitar, started learning guitar from his father and cousins, and took professional music lessons from Chris Bayman 2017 to 2019. He has multiple years experience teaching guitar in the Tacoma area, and performs weekly in public jams. He is currently part of the local bands: Runaway Gun, Kimchi and the Alien Senators, and Fun Vegetables To Cook With. Prior to pursuing music full time, Daniel was a software engineer holding a masters degree and 4 years experience in the tech industry. His latest interest is the hunt for radical tone.


Daniel will demonstrate guitar techniques such as:

  • slides, bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs
  • proper grip and attack of pick
  • palm muting
  • how to use a guitar slide
  • how to ornament chords
  • how to sing while playing guitar
  • alternative guitar tunings such as Eb, Drop D, open tunings
  • alternate picking, finger picking, chicken picking, tremolo picking, string skipping, tapping

Students will learn music theory:

keys, key changes, scales, octaves, modes, intervals, Nashville Number System, triads, arpeggiation, chord progressions, chord construction (major, minor, dominant, stacked thirds, extensions/color tones, alternate fingerings, inversions).

Students will also learn:

  • strategies to improvise guitar leads instantly that lock-in to the rest of the music
  • how to communicate musical information with other musicians
  • to recognize how musical space is filled and seek appropriate additions
  • how to achieve the vast array of unique sounds the guitar is capable of

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