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Private lessons with Daniel Harris

Private Lessons Teacher

Daniel has been teaching guitar professionally for over 10 years. He has studied music at the college level and has received instruction from some of the best guitar educators in the Northwest and beyond. In 2007, Daniel taught for Fender Guitar Camps. His students have acquired local notoriety through professional gigging and competition. One student took first place in Tacoma Youth Association’s “Kid’s Got Talent” music competition while another won first place in the Washington State Solo and Ensemble contest. In addition to teaching full time, Daniel regularly performs solo guitar and attends college.

Everyone taking music lessons has different goals. Daniel tries to discover these goals and help the student achieve them in a fun and comfortable environment. While lessons are customized for individuals, Daniel also believes it is important to instill in all students the foundational concepts of music and to expose the student to new ideas and musical styles in order to broaden musical understanding. In this way, a student can make a more informed decision about what to pursue musically. Moreover, this will result in a richer musical appreciation as students grow in versatility and skill.

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