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Private lessons with Ian Crocker

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Originally from Aurora, Colorado, Ian first picked up a guitar at the age of 10. After spending a few years hooked on the sounds of Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith, he started to turn to the roots of the music, leading him on a foray into the blues. After a chance meeting with a traveling jazz guitarist, Ian switched focus once again, this time from Clapton and B.B King to an all-out obsession with jazz of all types. Since then, his interests have branched out still further, to include a wide range of fingerstyle acoustic playing, Latin American folk styles, classical guitar, and now the ukulele as well.

Ian moved to Tacoma in 2015, to attend the University of Puget Sound. Since his arrival here, he has performed in and led a wide range of ensembles in the South Sound--college ensembles at the University of Puget Sound, his Ian Crocker trio and Pocket Change quartet, the Tracy Knoop quartet, and local jazz-fusion ensemble 322, to name a few. He currently works as a private instructor and a Teaching Artist at Tacoma Arts Live leading a ukulele after-school program for 4th and 5th graders.

As a teacher, Ian's primary goal is to guide students toward teaching themselves: lessons are always geared towards learning the songs and styles that his students want to learn. As a student of a wide range of guitar styles himself, Ian firmly believes that there is no one 'right answer' to the question of how to play the guitar. The best way to teach, he believes, lies in helping students to develop the skills and ears necessary to find their own paths through the music.

Outside of his life in music, Ian is an avid reader, a somewhat-less-avid runner, and a backpacker.

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