Ted Brown Music Educational Services

Choose to Teach - May 2023

Welcome to our third video in our Choose to Teach series! Today's uplifting message comes from Illinois music educator Elliott Hile.

A Message from Elliott Hile

The thing that keeps bringing me back is the students. Our goal is to help them become the best possible people that they can be.

Elliott Hile
Illinois Music Educator

Have I considered leaving the profession multiple times? Yes. Has that happened in the last year? Yes. There are times when that happens and I think for me there have been many different questions about the amount of time that we could put in for kids and like is that worth it? And you know I just got engaged I'm getting married this summer so I have all kinds of like life questions about family and those kinds of things, but the thing that keeps bringing me back to what we do is the students in working with people.

You know my my fiancé works with Capital One downtown and she talks about how you know the product that they work on is you know it's monetary basis, it’s making money for this huge billion dollar industry right? For us our product is people right, and we don't necessarily see what that product is; like we won't necessarily hear about Johnny unless he emails me or calls me up in 20 years when he's a surgeon or doing whatever thing. We don't know what our product are going to be but we know that it involves people and our goal is to help them become the best possible people that they can be. Knowing that influence on the future and specifically with people, this is our way of impacting people and helping them become better. So I think that is the difference between music, music education and other things outside of education right it's the product it's just different.