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Choose to Teach - February 2024

Here's the next video in our Choose to Teach series! Today's uplifting message comes from Florida band director Michael Gabriel.

A Message from Michael Gabriel

One of the most gratifying things is having students leave my program and continue playing — they keep it in their lives. I want kids to continue having the opportunities I had.

Michael Gabriel
Florida Band Director

I went into music education because I've always wanted music to be part of my life, and I love people and just the activity of making music and making art with a group of human beings was so fascinating to me. So I went to Florida State University, I wanted to learn more about how I could do that at a high level. I learned a lot about ensemble psychology and about people and my musicianship through my instrument which was with the Trombone. I studied with a lot of really great music education mines; Clifford Matson was a mentor of mine at Florida State, and I just got to learn from some of the best minds in the field.

It just made sense to continue forward and go into the schools and work with students and just share that and one of the most gratifying things is having students leave my program after they graduate or they move on. They continue playing either in a community band or they maybe go to college and major in music or they just go to university and play in their campus band or university band or the orchestra they just keep it in their lives. That's why I want kids to continue to have the opportunities that I have. Thank you.