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Choose to Teach - November 2023

Here's the next video in our Choose to Teach series! Today's uplifting message comes from Indiana orchestra director Meagan Barnett.

A Message from Meagan Barnett

My advice is always ask for help. There are a lot of resources out there. Find something that works for you and your specific program.

Meagan Barnett
Indiana Orchestra Director

My one advice, I work with a lot of college kids being still connected with Butler and my advice to them is always always ask for help. There are always other teachers in your district that hopefully teach the same thing that you do and past teachers and just people that you meet at conferences just to always ask them for advice, ask them for resources, things that you can do in your classroom. I always, my first year at Avon last year, the high school director I actually stood up top with in Avon and so we're also really close and I asked him to come and just watch my class and see now that I'm not soon teaching with him and I've been doing this for a few years now, what advice can you give me on my teaching just being in my classroom and that's always super helpful too because you don't have anybody else in the room for a majority of the time to say hey why don't you try this? So that's always really helpful just asking other people that you've worked with previously for advice and help.

I think it's really important. I mean going to conferences like this is a great way to meet new people and to come up with good ideas to start the next year, the next school year and I think that that community of educators is also so small that everybody knows a lot of people and they all have different opinions and just to find something that works for you and your specific type of program and type of classes always is very important.