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Choose to Teach - December 2023

Here's the next video in our Choose to Teach series! Today's uplifting message comes from Florida band director Charlene Cannon.

A Message from Charlene Cannon

I have the best job in the world — it's worth the work and the stress. I just want to be that light for my students.

Charlene Cannon
Florida Band Director

I chose to go into education because I had a really great experience with my first high school band director. He played recordings for us of things that I just never heard in my life, and I didn't know music could be that. I also felt like I wanted to do what was done for me because I might, go into my sophomore year, he moved me to the upper ensemble, and I had talked about switching instruments or changing this, or changing that, because I didn't really know where I fit into band and he told me to go take flute lessons and taking flute lessons and having somebody see potential in me, I think is what changed my direction.

I think I'm a little bit different personality than my first band director, but I find that I just want to be that light for my students. I used to worry about my personality and think maybe I needed to be more tough or more like stern with everyone, but when I went to my new school this year, this last year I decided to just be myself, and it's kind of funny because all my students are very much a reflection of me, they're goofy and they smile too much, and we have a good time, but we get serious when we need to, so I don't necessarily think I have the personality of my high school band director, but I definitely have the same dedication to taking care of my students.

I am completely satisfied being a music educator, I tell my students, I’ve had a couple of students come and ask me questions about my job, and I tell them that I have the best job in the world, and I really, really do believe it. I think this is so worth all the work, all the stress at times, you know, it can be really challenging just because of the hours, and the easiest part of the job is actually standing in front of my students and talking to them about music, because that's why I actually went into this, but I believe it's the best job in the world, and I think that anyone can do it, and everyone should do it, but you know.